Friday, October 18, 2013

Chair of Warming

Since so many mages are also scholars, they spend a lot of time sitting in hard, wooden chairs.  Toran Silverwand was one of those mages.  But as he aged the wooden chairs got hard and his old bones easily got cold, so he devised a chair to keep him comfortable.  First he created a fine wooden chair, (he was a carpenter's apprentice when he was younger), then had his wife sew him nice, padded seats and back.  To this he added a spell to keep them perfectly preserved and clean.  (He had a tendency to spill food and drink while he worked.)  After that he added a warming spell to the cushions so they would warm him on those chilly days he was studying.  Though a simple, day to day magic item, Toran's idea took off and he was able to sell the idea not only to other mages and priests, but to nobles who also had to sit and do book work so many hours a day.

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