Tuesday, October 1, 2013


About three days ride north of Pathfinder and slightly off the King's Road is the village of Treetop.  This small village supplies a lot of lumber to the city of Pathfinder, along with furs and wild game.  The village holds about thirty families who bring in unmarried men during the summer to help speed along the harvesting of timber.  Timber is harvested in a planned manner, with trees being planted afterward, usually directed by a druid or logger who is well versed in how to get the best yield for the planting.  Trappers go out during the winter and in the fall game is taken to keep not only the village through the winter, but to sell in Pathfinder.  The people are friendly, but guarded at first.  They know the area very well and know what belongs and doesn't.  They also know where all the less used paths are and where water and game can be found.

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