Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An Overview of the House City of Cole

The City of Cole is a port city, but is a large agricultural center as well.  Cole is the largest producer of grain and wheat in Tridon and thus Cole ships a lot of both around the world.  The city is surrounded by a low wall and a natural river that splits to go on both sides of the city.  The city doesn't go to the banks and the city elders will not allow such things to happen.  They worry that the river will start to undermine the wall or buildings if they were allowed to go out so far.  Cole, itself, is surrounded by fields and fields of wheat and grain.  The farmers own their land, though they still pay taxes to Cole.  The original leaders of Cole thought this would help produce more food and thus more taxes.  For the most part their faith in their people has proven true.  Most buildings in Cole are three or four stories high, with housing in the top floors and businesses below.  Roofs are steeply sloped and bare clay tiles.  Some buildings are brick, while the more expensive houses are made of wood since that has to be brought in from quite a distance.  The House of Cole has a small compound, about thirty acres, and like to actually go out into the city and be with their people.

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