Monday, March 17, 2014

The Eagle Crest Clan

In Ariella, the Akicitia live in tight knit clans, usually no more then 30 individuals, though some clans can grow larger if they have the resources on the open plains to support more.  The Eagle Crest Clan, while prosperous, has only 28 individuals.  The clan lives in a series of caves near the western coast of Ariella, which is unusual for Akicitia that usually like live in the open. The clan trades with two nearby plains clans regularly and thus the young men and women have plenty of opportunity to meet others their age to begin to court.  The clan fishes and hunts nearby mountain goats. They also trap birds.  They trade in fine shells, wool and fish.  They like to get newer contraptions like metal weapons, iron pots and the like in trade.  About half the village will be at the village during the time, with either the people working on gardens or children having their lessons.

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