Thursday, March 27, 2014

Horn of Return

Despite what this sounds like, this horn is meant for farmers and ranchers to gather their livestock without having to chase them.  Made by a mage who had grown up as a rancher's son and hated having to round up the livestock, the mage made sure that as many farmers as possible had them. Though he charged for materials, after awhile they got too expensive except for ranchers who worked for the nobles.  The way it works this small horn, which looks like a curled ram's horn, is blown and all the livestock in the area will return to the blower.  This does cause issues if someone else is grazing their livestock nearby, but for the most part it just returns the blower's livestock.  There have been cases of livestock rustlers using it, but they are usually caught quickly since the horn is loud and most farmers know who should be blowing horns and who shouldn't.  And if they hear a horn they haven't heard before they go to investigate, with weapons and many sons.

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