Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Shadow Guardians

Tyriel Shadowhunter has always wanted to help people, and to do so he has created the Shadowhunters.  This group of like minded people rescue people from ogres and the like, find lost artifacts and magic to aid in the betterment of mankind and deliver items, (or people), to places they can be better used or protected.  Tyriel started out by himself but has about two dozen people working with him at the moment, as well as a lot of support staff at his headquarters in Cole.  They have a store front in Cole, where they actually sell writing services as well as writing supplies, but this is the contact spot for their other services.  Tyriel will have a person's story checked out before he sends any of his people into danger.  The fees depend on the danger involved, but his services are expensive to begin with.  Adventurers can find some help here if they are looking for a person or place or even an object, but the group will not go into a dungeon to retrieve something for an adventuring band.

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