Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Theran Cole's Estate

A half a days ride from Cole, to the northeast, is the small estate of Theran Cole.  It's roughly three hundred acres of both farm and forest land.  The farm has a little wine, some sheep and root vegetables.  The forest land Theran has managed so he can harvest a little bit of timber at a time and replants as he goes.  The manor itself is two stories, with five bedrooms, a huge meeting room, a study, a large kitchen and dinning room, a root cellar and a bath house. The well for the manor is right next to the manor in the courtyard and protected by anti-poison magic.  There are three small, one room houses for the staff, a bunk house for the men at arms and there is a small, stone wall around the whole area.  It is not very defensible, but would give those living there enough time to reach the safe room in the root cellar of the manor.  There are typically four men at arms and three family of servants living here at all times.

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