Monday, March 10, 2014


Awohalee is a warrior of the Eagle Crest Clan along the high cliffs of western Ariella.  The Akicitia clan has thirty members, living in caves near the coast of Ariella.  Awohalee is the lead hunter of the clan, teaching the younger members, (three at the moment), how to hunt and how to survive in the wilds without the clan.  Awohalee takes his job seriously, but when he is not hunting he loves to watch the eagles soar around their home.  When he finds feathers he will tie them in his mane or on his clothes to honor them.  Awohalee is currently trying to work up the courage to ask Taladue to be his mate.  In the mean time he is looking for something great to impress her enough that she will want him.  He would be a good guide for this area of Ariella and is able to speak a little common, though not well.  He will not work for coin, but expects trade in more advanced weapons or contraptions form the empire or the north.

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