Monday, March 24, 2014

Theran of House Cole

Theran is the third son of Lord Cole and expecting to be the lord commander of the Knights of Cole once his uncle retires in a few years.  He loves the thrill of battle, the gait of a galloping horse, the feel of sword against sword.  He is happy that he was not born first, because he wants nothing to do with ruling House Cole, he only wants to protect it.  He has thought about the future and has several grants of land his father gave him and is making sure they are producing something, whether wool or food or wine so even if he can't lead the Knights of Cole forever he will be comfortable in retirement and not have to depend on his brother's generosity when he becomes feeble.  Because of this fear of having to rely on others, Theran likes to find adventurers to sponsor that might find some great magic or other wealth that might help in the future.  He will sponsor promising adventuring groups, though expect a good chuck of the return in exchange.

Theran is blond, blue eyes, heavy set with muscles, not fat, and handsome in a rugged way.  He always wears sturdy clothes, feeling uncomfortable in court dress and thus stays away from court as much as possible.  He is good at what he does and feels kinship with any warrior, not just royals.

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