Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Keeping Track of Your World

As I tried to think of a good topic today, whether help aids or ideas from my world, I couldn't think of something I hadn't done yet.  I know there are things that I haven't done yet, but trying to figure out what that is, I'm at a loss.  So here are a few things I think I'll do in the next week or so:

1) Make a list of topics.  I have been keeping track of my blog titles, but they are badly organized.  I think if you keep things organized by people, places, things, ideas, etc, it would be easier to see what I've done.

2)  Make a list of ideas you want to work on.  I have a lot of down time when I'm subbing for the secretaries at our schools, so I should use that to think of possible ideas.  Usually I've been using that time to work on Battle of the Books stuff, (also a school relate thing), but I can probably sneak in a few minutes for myself.

3) Have hard copies of each article so you can refer to them later.  I have a word document with my articles, separate one for each article type and then update about once a month my hard copy.  The updating is the hard part.  There is that time thing again!

4) Review what you've done on occasion.  It will make things easier if you know what you've written.

Happy Writing!

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