Monday, October 20, 2014

Races of Martapa Part III

   Physical Descriptions: The people of north Tiana and west of the Tsalagi Mountains are hardy individuals who are large, strong people with red or dark hair, though blond is also possible.  They tend to be pale in complexion and wear at least some bit of fur upon their clothes.  Most of the men grow beards not unlike dwarves, decorating not only them, but their hair as well with beads, small, hollow bones, and braids. Clothes of the north are sturdy, sometimes leather, other times of good, stout wool.  They are usually decorated with fanciful creatures or designs.  darker colors are preferred, though bright colors are used for wedding and other important events.

  Humans of southwestern Taina have blond or brunette hair, pale skin and most of blue eyes. They are more lithe then their northern counterparts.  Clothes are thick wool to stave off the chill of the ocean breezes.  Dress is conservative, and men wear doublets with billowing shirts beneath.  hats with long feathers for the men are the fashion, along with shoulder length hair, loose or in neat ponytails.  Woman wear their hair in fanciful braids or loose.  They speak with an English accent, heavier on the coast.

  Humans on the eastern side of the Tsalagi Mountains appear Japanese in appearance and a good portion of their culture is Japanese like.  Humans on the far eastern section of Taina are more Native American in appearance and somewhat in culture, leaning toward Lakota and Cherokee nationalities.

  Humans of Ariella are just as diverse as those in the north, but bare black skin, black hair with brown eyes.  They stand a little taller then the average Taina human. They wear togas with pallas defining those of the upper crust and of the military, or simple, no sleeve dresses for the woman with pallas of their own.

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