Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Races of Martapa Part II

   Humans are the most diverse and adaptable of all the races on Martapa.  They are independent thinkers, strong users of magic, and worship all of the Gods.  they also differ greatly from region to region.  Maratpa has two major continents, Tiana and Ariella.  The northern continent, Tiana, would be equivalent of say Ireland, northwest America, and the plains of North America all wrapped around by the typical northern hemisphere coasts.  The southern continent, Ariella, is a mixture of Africa and Australia, (just depending on where you are).  Ariella is by far the biggest, but Tiana is where I spend most of my story time, thus it is by far more flushed out, and thus, so are the races.
   The humans of Tiana vary by region. Tiana is separated by a large mountain range in the middle, Pacific northwest/Ireland region on the west, plains on the east side. On the west and the north would be more your Ireland region.  Here is the home of light skinned, red and brown haired, (and lack of a better term), barbarians.  They aren't really uncivilized but they are the most hand to hand trained, hulking humans of the kingdom of Tridon.  To the south lays your Pacific Northwest type people. They are lithe, blond and brown haired, blue eyes are common and these people would bring to mind your knights in shinning armor type of people.  On the east side of the mountains you have a lot of Native American looking people, (though in the time of my book there is a lot of western looking humans over on the east side, and a small pocket of Japanese looking people.
   To the south is the Empire of Ariella and free pockets of humanity.  The Empire covers nearly two-thirds of the continent, starting in the east, and the people here are black skinned, (though of varying hues,) and black haired.  To the west are the free pockets of humanity who live in free cities amongst the other races of Martapa. These people appear Indian, with olive skin and dark hair.

Tomorrow: Humans continued.

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