Thursday, October 23, 2014

Races of Martapa Part V

Occupations and Trade: Agriculture and forestry are very important, as is fishing, in northwestern Taina.  Calabay houses the largest fleet of merchant and fishing vessels and makes the finest ships in Tridon.  Timber, fishing, and farming are the big trading opportunities in south western Taina, along with trading with the Empire which brings in good amounts of gold.

   The peoples on the east side of Taina are dependent on agriculture, and in Tayke's case, intellectual pursuits are also important.  There are many foods on the east side that the west does not have, and visa versa.  Llama wool is also very sought after by those on the west side, and the people of eastern Taina do very well by selling this.

   Ariella has agriculture, minerals, (lots of gold and silver, along with gems), and meat.  But things like lumber have to be imported in great quantities.  Fishing on the coasts is also very important to the communities that live there.  The Empire has vast estates farmed by slaves, while free peoples are more like to hunt and gather.

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