Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Races in Martapa Part IV

Culture: Culture in the north Taina is very clannish.  People are not broken up by caste, but rather how they are related to one another.  Commoners play with royalty with out a second thought.  In the north the focus is on surviving the environment and creatures, not jockeying for power.  Protecting the clan's honor is more important then most everything in the north.

    The culture of southwestern Taina is very medieval knight like, with much more English roots then any other culture.  Caste is a big thing in southern Taina and people are reminded of how lowly they are all the time.

   The culture of Tayke is very Japanese, save women can have an equal role in the world.  Family is very important and loyalty to a leader is absolutely necessary.  The Tayke culture actually comes from a small island nation which is long gone by the time of the High King's Sword, so their culture is very well established.

    The culture of the Empire is very much like the Roman Empire of old.  Men serve in the military for two years, women are subservient to men, though not as bad as the old Roman Empire, and there are slaves.  Being a noble definitely means freedom here.  They are also very religious and take the Gods very seriously.  A slight against the Gods is a slight against them.

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