Monday, October 27, 2014

Races of Martapa Part VI

Relations: People of the north frown upon their southern counterparts.  They find them soft and unable to survive the rigors of true honor.  The people of the southern reaches find their northern neighbors ignorant barbarians and thus find them in disdain, even the nobility of the north.  The people of Tayke find other humans as children, though more in a protective parent way, then a degrading remark.  Their civilization was (and still is) more advanced then the rest of Tridon and they want to help the rest of the world settle into peace and harmony as they once had.  The people of the plains do not judge a person by origins, but on the person themselves.  They prefer to be left alone and the like the simple life, though that does not make them simple.  The people of the Empire believe themselves better then all other humans, and do not get along easily with the humans of the north.  Humans find all non-humans intriguing, though most do not care for minotuars or ogres.

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