Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 7

Clerics of Targon: Targon is the God of Magic, Arcane Lore and elves.  He is also considered the trickster God.  His clerics are supposed to spread the word about magic, how it works, and discover more arcane lore.  They wear only cloth armor, use staves, longswords, and daggers.  They should have access to all Knowledge skills, but have the regular "to hit" with weapons of a cleric.  They also have a goodly chance of using unknown magic items. They can use "detect magic" at will.  There is no limit, even if your system gives a limit for uses per day.

His avatar is a swashbuckler Wolf Warrior named Skaska Blademaster, an avatar he loves to be a lot of the time.  His symbol is a flaming, outstretched hand.  If your system has an alignment system then he is definitely Chaotic Neutral, as our his clerics.   Non-cleric followers include Warriors, wood elves, and mages.

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