Thursday, May 21, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 12

Clerics of Taniger:  Most Clerics of Taniger are dwarves, though there are humans and minotaur who follow him.  His clerics are charged with finding knew ideas for crafts and trades. But their greatest responsibility is healing dwarves on patrols or missions, along with fixing armor and weapons.  Their temples are always equipped with a blacksmith.  Clerics of Taniger get the blacksmithing profession for free with a class bonus, even though they might not normally.  Clerics of Taniger can use axes, war hammers, shields, and wear plate armor.

Their alignment should be Lawful Good, for if there was ever a God that followed the rules, it is Taniger.  Temple wear is that of a blacksmith, right down to the heavy leather apron.  Their symbol is a war hammer, and because Taniger favors the war hammer, most priests use a war hammer.

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