Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 14

Cleric of Aiyana: Aiyana's clerics are charged with protecting innocents and spreading love, though not carnal love. They love to revel in joyous occasions such as marriages and births, they bless marriages with special blessings, and they protect run away brides who are in love with another as if they are their own children.  Their places of worship are usually bright and cheerful with lots of gardens.  It is said only those of good or love can enter the temples.  They train in the staff, but do not often use them. Their spells lean more toward enchantments, but not forceful ones, and protections.  They also heal, but rarely use offensive spells.  Diplomacy is a free skill with a bonus and they gain a +2 (or equivalent) to their Charisma.  They wear only cloth robes.

Clerics of Aiyana bare the symbol of a unicorn, sometimes with a rainbow, and women usually keep flowers in their hair.  Their alignment should be Neutral Good, for though she is good and pure, they may have to break some laws to make love come together.

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