Thursday, May 7, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 8

Clerics of Kahalla: Clerics of Kahalla are to spread death and destruction, though the use of necromancy and power.  They are to work against the Balance and all the other Gods when ever they can.  His clerics are also to create chaos and create undead of any kind.  Clerics use small, ceremonial daggers as weapons, the better to draw blood for incantations. His Clerics should get all Knowledge skills as class skills, as well as diplomacy, perception and intimidation (based on Charisma, not Strength).  They can only wear cloth armor, and may carry staves.

If your system calls for alignment, Clerics are very chaotic evil, though some can be lawful or neutral evil.  The symbol of Kahalla is a skull with a sword through the top.  They always wear black robes lined with red.  Non-clerics would included really only Wizards of Shaniko.

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