Thursday, May 14, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 9

Cleric of Lokar: Clerics of Lokar are charged with bringing dignity to death, bringing power to Dark Magic, and bringing appreciation of the night.  Few clerics of Lokar wander far from their temple, unless tasked with easing the death of a great hero or leader. They also often serve as the undertakers in villages.  Though respected, they are also feared because they deal with death.  Cleric of Lokar should gain all Knowledge skills, and gain a bonus in any thing where the anatomy of the body would give them an advantage.  Clerics of Lokar usually carry a sickle and wear cloth robes.

Clerics of Lokar are usually Neutral Evil, though they can be true Neutral as well, since death is neither good nor bad.  The image they wear is a black skull with green flames encircling it.  Their robes are black with silver trim. Non-clerics who would follow Lokar are vampires and liches, along with necromancers who do not follow Kahalla.

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