Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 13

Cleric of Tymara: Clerics of Tymara are tasked with understanding the elements and explaining what they are about to the lay people. They are also to protect all winged creatures, whether intelligent or not.  Most cast spells only of elemental nature, though they are able to heal some what in a limited way.  They dress in light colored robes, never anything heavier.  Their favored weapon is a mace, usually of some bright metal.  Any knowledge which covers elements they get for free and with a bonus.  They also get survival skill (or similar one) as a bonus skill.  At higher levels they become immune to one type of elemental damage.  (I would do around 15+.)

Clerics of Tymara are usually Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral.  They bare a symbol of a bright sun, usually woven into their robes.  Their temples often have much gold gilding and have griffons roosting in their towers.  Winged elves, griffons, all intelligent fliers (save dragons) and intelligent elementals may be followers of Tymara, though maybe not clerics.  Elves and humans are usually the most common clerics of Tymara.

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