Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 11

Clerics of Pezuta: The Clerics of Pezuta are charged with spreading good luck, in the form of advice on how to handle ventures, since Pezuta only deals with good luck.  She often houses seers in her temples so people can receive their futures if they so choose.  Her temples are often huge, marble affairs with carvings of dancing joyous people.  Clerics of Pezuta can be found everywhere.  They dress in leathers, thus able to wear leather armor, often using as staff, dagger, or short swords. Once per day a cleric of Pezuta can call a mulligan and reroll any roll he wishes.  Clerics of Pezuta also get a bonus to perception, thieving abilities (which they can use as a thief) and use magical item.

Clerics of Pezuta bare a symbol of a gold coin with a ladies head upon it.  Alignment wise clerics can be chaotic good or chaotic neutral.  Some non-clerics that would follow her would be merchants, rogues and fortune tellers, though everyone has prayed to her one time or another.  She has no particular color, just bright and jubilant ones, except for those who specialize more in the thieving abilities.

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