Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 10

Clerics of Dasa: Clerics of Dasa are charged with breaking any innocent's heart, while gaining pleasure from the act and reveling in the thrill of the chase.  They also bring dark dreams, by use of spells and sweet words, to those around them.  Temples are often simple houses of ill-repute, though they do actually build temples to Dasa which are gaudy and impressive.  Clerics usually wear very little, though enough to just cover up the most important features, often in silks and sheer materials.  Because of this, they often have magical rings and bracers to give them armor.  They use daggers, get a bonus to persuasion as well as a bonus (+2) to Charisma.  Any spells are based off Charisma, not Wisdom.  The one exception is that Clerics of Dasa have a very limited spell list, mostly illusions and enchantments.  Other spells are very hard for Dasa's clerics to use, but can be done by using a  slot one level higher.

Clerics of Dasa bare the symbol of a black rose wrapped seductively around a red rose.  Colors are bright and colorful for their bright, sheer robes.

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