Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 28

Rogue Class: These people are out for adventure, wanting to see what is around the next corner, in the next hallway, in the next room.  They are good at finding their way into in accessible areas, unlocking doors and disarming traps.  Any race may hold one of these adventures people, though Akicitia are less likely to be rogues since they are a very open and honest race.

Rogues can wear leather armor, use small weapons such as daggers and short swords and gain a bonus for attacking from behind.  They gain the skills of remove traps and pick locks, (or the equivalent).  They are able to sneak in the shadows and can pick pockets. They gain knowledge: dungeoneering as a class skill with a +3 bonus.  Otherwise just stick to your base thief class for your system.

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