Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 27

Rangers: These people are men and women of the woods.  They know how to traverse the wilds, how to find food, water and good paths to get where you are going.  They aren't always the most friendly of people, but if you want to know how to deal with a certain threat from a predator or humanoid, they are the people to go to.

Rangers are proficient in bows, crossbows, hand crossbows, and most other range weapons, as well most swords, spears and axes.  They don't usually wear more then leather armor, but they can wear mail if they want.  Any skills that have to do with surviving in the out of doors are considered a class skill and they gain a +3.  Like many other ranger classes, the ranger has a foe they are knowledgeable in. Some rangers have animal companions, but most like to be loners.  (Depending on the system you are using they may or may not be allowed the animal companion.  If they can, just use the rules given in your system.)

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