Monday, July 13, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 30

Clan Warriors: This class might be termed a "prestige" class in some systems.  Clan Warriors are from 7 clans, which will be reviewed shortly, and are warriors who use swords and magic to protect someone of great importance.  Not all Clan Warriors have a "Charge", but all are trained to protect someone.  They can wear leather armor and the weapons they can use vary depending on which Clan they belong to.  Most use swords or bows, and are usually trained in more then one.  They also have small amounts of magic to help heal and protect.  They are more ranger like then fighter like, but aren't necessarily very in tune with nature.

They gain spells like a sorcerer, (so not every level), and are limited to a list which I will do tomorrow.  They gain diplomacy and a free language of their choice as extra skills.  They do not take a penalty for casting spells in leather armor.

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