Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 32

Clan Warriors Part 3: The Warriors on Martapa also receive the benefit of a magical mount at some point after they have become a warrior and have proven themselves.  (I would recommend 5th level or beyond.)  This mount depends on the clan, (which I will detail tomorrow).  If they are from the Wolf Warrior Clan or Dragon Clan they receive a wolf, (with exceptions), the Unicorn Clan receive unicorns, Griffin Clan receives griffins, Pegasus Clan receive pegasi and Lynx and Lion Clans receive lions or Tsula.

For Wolf Warriors they receive wolves as mounts usually, unless they are from the Veo Sunstar's line, (denoted by the red hair).  Then they receive unicorns from a special line.  They were given by Targon to this line because they knew, eventually, Amber Blackwolf would be born into the line and would need the extra magical help when the Chosen were needed.

Dragon Clan also receive wolf mounts except for a special few who bond with dragons.  This is a special bonus, and should only be given for something specially done.  I would not give this out as a mount unless the character is at least 15th level.

Last is the possibility that the Lynx or Lion Clan members will bond with at Tsula, (goat centaur).  They are sentiment, (like the Wolf Warrior special unicorn mounts or dragon mounts), and can make this decision on their own.  I would allow this at 7th level and treat the Tsula like a follower under the Leadership feat.  Otherwise they can have a lion mount at 5th level.

Tomorrow the 7 clans.

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