Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 34

Clan Warriors Part 5:
The Aniwahiya is a code of conduct that all Clan Warriors live by.  It is as follows:

 Above all else a charge's life must be a saved.  A Clan Warrior must not turn on his fellow warrior.  A Clan Warrior will always worship the Gods of Neutrality.  If a warrior worships the Gods of Evil they will be banished and their powers stripped from them.  Death by one's hand is more honorable then the loss of one's charge.  A Warrior's own pleasure comes after that of his charge and must never interfere with his charge's life.  A wolf warrior will be like a shadow to his charge.  (Later, after Moonshade, the charge was never allowed to know their protector because of complications she brought by revealing herself to her charge.)  A Warrior's charge can be taken if the High Council, (all the Clan Leaders), believes the charge or Warrior is deemed unworthy.

Grievous crimes are punished by banishment or the Penitence.  During a Penitence the one charged is tied to a pole and nine arrows are shot into him, one for each Nine major Gods.  If he still lives, they leave him or her to die.

Leaders are chosen by a test and purification. Three days of fasting, blood purification and offerings to Catiana and Targon, then the judging.  The people stand facing the Sunstone and Catiana through the stone will pick the Leader.  This must happen on the fourth day or it must be done again.

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