Monday, July 6, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 26

Paladin Class: On Martapa the Paladin Class would be Knights of Tridon.  This is usually a hereditary position, where the father, (or mother in some cases) was knighted before the would be paladin.  There are exceptions, such as if the King or House Leaders knight a new and deserving member of society.  If players want to be a paladin, but not from a House, they had better have a great back story reason for such things.   Paladins fight against the darkness of the world and try to right the wrongs of the world.  They uphold the Balance and the sanctity of Kingdom of Tridon.  They normally where platemail, though many in history have been known to use just mail, such as Richard of Varanath and Eric of Calabay during the Time of the Chosen.  They can use any martial weapon, but prefer sword and shield or axe in shield in the northern reaches.

Most Paladins will be humans, though there have been elf and dwarven Paladins.  They are usually Lawful Good, but any good alignment is permissible. Use the typical paladin class, but make sure they have knowledge history and nobility as class skills with a bonus of +3.  Spells are based off Charisma.  They are allowed access to all the same feats and skills as fighters, as well.

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