Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 31

Clan Warriors Part 2: The base spell list is as follows.  The Warrior has to have these spells, but can fill his other slots, (sorcerer progression), with other wizard spells.  The Warrior picks the order they receive the spells, but these spells have to be taken first.

0th level

1st Level
Cure light wounds
Burning Hands
Spider Climb

2nd Level
Bull's Strength
Resist Elements

3rd Level
Summon Nature's ally 3
Flame Arrow

4th Level
Polymorph Self

*Call Dragon
*Create Dancing Sword

*These spells are ones not found in Pathfinder/D&D type settings.  Call dragon is special, where the warrior, in the most dire of circumstances can call on the aid of dragons.  The Dancing Sword spell allows for a free floating sword to be called to fight on their own, (which I believe there is similar spell, but maybe not at this level).  These do not take spell slots but can only be used once per week.  If the Call Dragon one is used this often there will be consequences, since dragons do not like to be called on like servants.

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