Monday, July 20, 2015

Classes of Martapa Part 33

Clan Warriors Part 4: There are 7 clans which a warrior can belong to.  They are as follows:

The Wolf Clan is, by far, the leader of all the Clans, since this is the one Veo Sunstar founded himself.  They are in mid-Taina and range through the Tsalagi Mountains and a little of the lands on either side.  The Dragon, Unicorn, Griffin and Pegasus were the next tier of Clans, founded by Veo's children and spread through out the continent of Taina.  The Griffins are more in the north east, while the Pegasus is more in the south east of Taina.  The Dragons are more in the north west of Taina, while the Unicorn was more in the south west.

The Lynx and Lion clans are in Ariella, with no distinct lines as to where they roam.  They were founded by Veo's grandchildren.  All Leaders of all the Clans, even to the current age in the time of the High King's Sword, are descendants of Veo Sunstar, and have red hair.

In the Clans' height there was  a meeting every five years, taking place at the "capital" of a different clan each year.  This large affair, called the Week of Worship, and as many clan warriors as could tried to make it.  Clans were ruled by a Clan Leader, who was protected by the High Guard, and usually didn't have a Charge of their own.  Under these two groups were the rest of the warriors.  Their position in elven society was above the commoner and even the nobles, though they gain little wealth and spend most of their time either training or protecting their Charge.

Tomorrow The Aniwahiya and the bonding of Charges.

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