Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feats of Martapa Part 3

Bonded Mount
Allows you to have a special mount.
Prerequisites: Clan Warrior, Knight, Griffon Rider or by special permission of the GM and level 5.
Benefits: This allows for a 5th level Clan Warrior, Knight, Griffon Rider or special character to have a mount that is a little more above and beyond the normal mount.  The mount, which should be approved by the GM, will have above normal Intellect, be able to mentally communicate with their rider, (which may be spoken language or just mental pictures), and have extra abilities.  I would use the abilities for a Druid Animal Companion in Pathfinder, without the shared spells but with the Paladin's ability to call mount. The mount will be appropriate for the class.  So unicorn or wolf for Wolf Warriors, Griffon for Griffon riders, charger for Knights and so on.  Do not allow exotic mounts unless for a very good reason.

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